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Yoga for Prosperity

Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa. A practical way to increase your wealth, health and happiness through teh Kundalini Yoga practice of breath, mantra, meditation, postures, affirmations, and shabads. Anyone can benfit from this book: People who have never done yoga and people who teach yoga; people who are financially challenged and people who make millions of dollars each year.
True prosperity comes from within. With this book of Kriyas you will find more than enough sets to assist you with feeling good both within and outside of your self. These are for practitioners of every level and you are introduced to a number of Shabads that you can use on other occasions. Sat Nam
100 pages and over 140 illustrations.
Yoga for Prosperity
Artnr: SPV007
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Yoga for Prosperity

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Yoga for Prosperity


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