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What´s your dosha, Baby? - Bok

By Lisa Marie Coffey. Every relationship has it´s challenges but now there is an exciting new way for you to figure out how to make any relationship work.
What´s your dosha, Baby?
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What´s your dosha, Baby? - Bok

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What´s your dosha, Baby? - Bok

After taking a simple quiz to determine your dosha - one of three personality types based on physical features and personality traits - as well as the dosha of anyone else you know, you´ll learn about:
* Your physical and emotional communication styles
* Your instinctual prefrences regarding food, travel, and lifestyle
* Which careers you gravitate toward and your strengths and waknesses in the workplace
* Ways to decorate your home to help you feel more balanced and content
* How to handle different dosha parenting styles
* Fun ways to spice up your sex life, enhance intimacy, and much more

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