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Universal Prayer - CD av SatKirin Kaur

An Album of Chants of Patanjali and Sacred Songs from Guru Nanak
Universal Prayer - CD av SatKirin Kaur
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Universal Prayer - CD av SatKirin Kaur

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Universal Prayer - CD av SatKirin Kaur

1. Namo Namo: Prayer of Intention 8:50 min
2. Bisara Ga-ee: Prayer of Piety 11:09 min
3. Mera Man Loche: Prayer of Fullfilment 10:29 min
4. Akhan Jor: Prayer of Fearlessness 10:02 min
5. Guru Meray Sang: Prayer of Friendship 4:25 min
6. Sat Nam Medley: Prayer of Truth 6:41 min
7. Simara Simara: Prayer of Peace 8:48
8. Mu Laalan: Prayer of Prosperity 12:29

This album is a collection of 6 Shabds or spiritual songs from Guru Nanak; the spiritual masters who elevated themselves and lived in mastery and liberation. There are 5 chants or mantras that are woven into the Shabds to give the listener a simple opportunity to sing along. These mantras are from the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.

The music is based on Indian Ragas. A Raga is a powerful musical scale format that deepens the feeling and intention of the prayer.You will hear Eastern instruments: sitar, bansuri flute, tabla, tamboura, harmonium as well as western intruments: piano, violin, guitar, bass, and percussive instruments. Then there are female and male voices blended to a unified experience of the oneness of creation.


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