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The Body Temple - Kundalini Yoga for body acceptance

The Body Temple - Kundalini Yoga for body acceptance, Eating disorders & Radical self-love by Ramdesh Kaur If you have struggled to love your own body, been crippled by feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth, or battled an eating disorder, this book is a gift to heal you and your sense of self.
The Body Temple
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The Body Temple - Kundalini Yoga for body acceptance

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The Body Temple - Kundalini Yoga for body acceptance

Written for both the total beginner and the advanced yogi, The Body Temple: Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders, and Radical Self-Love guides you through a nurturing practice of yoga, meditation, mantra, and real miracles.

In these pages you'll discover:

Yogic techniques to reset your body's systems and restore your health and well-being
Kriyas, Meditations and breathing exercises for self-confidence and body acceptance
Simple tools to empower you to overcome your food addictions and eating disorders
Recipes and lifestyle tips for living a healthier, more balanced life
A daily yogic practice to help change your life and begin your healing journey.

Your body is a temple. If you've ever wanted to feel good, love yourself, and heal your relationship with your body, this book is for you.

263 p.


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