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So Purkh by Sat Kirin Kaur

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So Purkh - That Primal God "The woman who will learn this shabd by heart and recite it will never have any trouble as far as men are concerned." Yogi Bhajan


So Purkh is a pauri, a verse, from the evening prayer of the sikh tradition, called Rehiras. It is a powerful meditation used in Kundalini Yoga by women.

So Purkh is a chant done by women to raise the consciousness of men. MAny women may ask "Why should I bother chanting to raise the consciousness of men?" The answer is simple: By  raising the consciousness of men women enable tehm to relinguish the need to control, dominate and conquer the feminine gender. Through this domination, damage has occured inthe collective feminine second chakra which we are able to heal through chanting, yoga and other modalities.


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