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Self Knowledge - manual

We are in the information age. Information is easy to get. Wisdom is more rare because you cannot learn wisdom, you must understand it. This experience gives a knowing sense that takes root in our depths, flowers in our hearts, and guides our heads. Without this, we lack depth and dimension.

Experiencing Self-Knowledge:
Accessing the Source of Strength in You
Angular Body Energy
Becoming Crystal Clear
Becoming Like Angels
Challenge the Ego in You
Conquering Depression
Connecting with Your Source of Infinite Energy
Creating and Conserving Pranic Energy
Coordinating the Body, Mind and Soul
Creating Self-Love
Developing the Power to Win 1
Developing the Power to Win 2
Developing Strength and Balance
Eliminating Tension and Pain
Experience Your Own Strength
Experiencing Your Elementary Personality
For a Calm and Open Heart Center
Gan Puttee Kriya: to Make the Impossible Possible
Healing the Stomach
Removing Body Blocks
Refining Your Sexuality and Spirituality
Removing Body Blocks
Refining Your Sexuality and Spirituality
Removing Fear of the Future
Self-Control Through Developed Sensitivity
Throw off Stress and Uncover Strength
Understand Your Goodness
Unloading the Unconscious Burden
Unlock Your Mind
Yogic Salutations
Working on the Metabolism

Nine Minutes Max Meditations:
Includes eight different meditations

Unshackling the Infinitive Mind:

49 pages
Self Knowledge - manual
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Self Knowledge - manual

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Self Knowledge - manual


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