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Reaching Me in ME - manual

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There is the "me" we know through our habits, our senses and through our reactions to our environment. Then there is the "ME" which takes us to our experience of the Infinite. When we reach the ME within me, everything changes. We are no longer dependent on anyone or anything, we are self-contained and rely only on the Infinite.
This manual has been prepared as a supplement and extension to Sadhana guidelines. It contains 21 kriyas that are perfect for beginning and experienced Kundalini yogis. This manual includes these great kriyas: Building Yourself to Act, Not React; Exercises for the Heart Center; Freeing Your Energy to Defeat Depression; and Kriya to Experience God, as well as 21 meditations, including: Creative Meditation of the Sublime Self; Excel and Build Your Healing Force; and Releasing Childhood Anger.

70 pages



Adjusting the Centers of Interconnection and Intercommunication
Activate the Navel to Activate Youth
Building Yourself to Act, not React
Balance the Body and Spine
Balancing the Three Psyches
Eliminate Gastric Troubles
Exercsing the Central Vagus Nerve
Exercises to Create a Disease-Free Body
Exercises for the Heart Center
For the Third Chakra And Glandular System
Freeing Your Energy to Defeat Depression
Getting Rid of Faults in the Spine
Glandular System
Getting the Body out of Distress
Strengthening the Immune System fo Women
Hemisphere Adjustment and Subconscious Memory Elimination
Natural Adjustment
Set to Experience God
Reaching to Your Mental Richness and Spiritual Strength
Renew Your Nervous System and Build Stamina
Strengthening the Central Nervous System


Achieve an Experience of God
Become Calm
Become Intuitive
Boost Your Immune System
Conquer Inner Anger and Burn it Out
Creative Meditation of the Sublime Self
Correct the Five Tattwas
Excel and Build Your Healing Force
For Strength and Stamina
For the Tattwas, Pranic Rib Cage, and Nervous System
For Wealth and Intuitive Opportunity
Hast Kriya
Key to unlock the Unlimited, Infinite Power in You
Magnificent Mantra
Purifying the Sushumna, the Central Nerve Channel
Releasing Childhood Anger
Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung
Solve Communication Problems
Stimulate Your Chakra System and Feel Wonderful
Surrounding Yourself with Protection
33 Minutes to Eliminate Stress


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