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Physical Wisdom

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By Harijot Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga sets and Meditations to experience the wisdom of the soul.
We are in the Information Age.
Information is easy to obtain.
Wisdom is more rare because you cannot learn wisdom, you must develop it to experience it.
Wisdom comes from practice and experience.
This manual includes meditations for healing through the Chakras: Wake Up, Warm Up and Get Up, Self Renewal and Self Healing. Experience your physical wisdom as you heal body, mind and spirit. 50 pages


Self Healing
Strengthen the Immune System I
Strengthen the Immune System Il
Change the Ions in the Body
The Healing Strength of the Inner Self
Massage the Lymphatic System
Perpetual Youth
For Creativity
To Activate the Central Nervous System
For Inner Vitality and Stamina
Immune Yoga I
Immune Yoga II
For Energy and Rejuvenation
Yoga for Children
Yoga for Young People
More Yoga for Young People
Wake up, Warm up and Get up
Re-Bibrate the Immune System
Balance of Prana and Apana

Chakras, physical wisdom and healing
Meditation for the First Chakra
Meditation for the Third Chakra
Meditation for the Fourth Chakra
Meditation for the Fifth Chakra
Meditation for the Sixtht Chakra
Meditation for the Seventh and Eigth Chakras
Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Kundalini Meditations for Physical Wisdom
Adjust the Brain and Increase Intelligence
Inner Assessment
Transition into the Aquarian Age
Meditation for the Navel, Heart & Throat
To know throught INtuition
Eliminate Tension and Stress
Techniques to Fight Fatigue
Ten Steps to Peace
Stress Relief


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