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Owner's Manual for the Human Body

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oga setsMost people regularly tune-up their cars for peak performance and long life, but forget that our own bodies needs the same devoted attention and maintenance to provide the energy and well-being necessary for living a happy life.

Kundalini yoga is an ancient science to maintain and tune-up all the systems of the human body so that we can achieve peak performance at every age of life.

1. Automatic endurance in the body
2. Awakening yourself to Your ten bodies
4. Balancing your vayus
5. Complete workout for the total self
6. Nervous system overhaul
7. Energize your system
8. Working on th elower spine
9. Get up and get going
10. Wake up the body to handle stress and strain
11. Unknown cause of sickness
12. Balancing the pineal, pituitary, and hypotalamus
13. Optimum health
14. Yoga for circulation and energy
15. To relieve inner anger
16. Give power to the brain
17. Left and right hemispheres of the brain
18. For mental balance
19. To take away stress
20. Colon Cleanser
21. Maintain Spleen
22. Let the liver live
23. Toning the kidneys
24. To make the skin radiant
25. The art of equilibrium of the stomach
26. Stengthening the stomach
27. build up the glandular system and inner organs
28. To build stamina and spark teh glandular system
29. Glandular system tune up

52 pages


Automatic Endurance
Awakening Yourself to Your Ten Bodies
Balancing the Vayus
Complete Workout for the Toal Self
Nervous System Overhaul
Energize Your System
Working on the Lower Spine
Get Up and Get Going
Wake Up the Body to Handle Stress and Strain
Unknown Cause of Sickness
Balancing the Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus
Optimum Health
Yoga for Circulation and Energy
To Relieve Inner Snger
Give Power to the Brain
Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain
For Mental Balance
To Take Away Stress
Colon Cleanser
Maintain the Spleen
Let thhe Liver Live
Toning the Kidneys
To Make the Skin Radiant
The Art of Equilibrium of the Stomach
Strengthening the Stomach
Build Up the Glandular System  and Inner Organs
To Build Stamina and Spark the Glandular System
Glandular System Tune Up


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