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Mountain Sadhana - CD av Mirabai

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Yoga music, world music, meditation music, reflective music, deeply moving music - all of these labels fit Mirabai’s second album.


1. Rise Up
2. Wah Yantee 7:00
3. Mul Mantra 7:00
4. Sat Siri Akal 7:00
5. Rakhe Rakhanhaar 7:00
6. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 22:00
7. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Ram Das Guru 5:00

Lyrics & Music on "Rise Up" by Guru Singh. Back with another musical masterpiece, Mirabai’s Angelika and Markus share their soothing duets atop layers of harp, piano, guitar and gentle percussion. A truly angelic way to start the day.

Mountain Sadhana is a mixture of six mantras from the Kundalini Yoga daily morning meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Mirabai musicalized these mantras with own musical compositions and together with friends recorded and produced this album in the Xochipili Studio in Chalmita by the mountains near Mexico City. It is a homage for the blue light at dawn, the change from night to day and invites us to sing along, or you can also just listen to the music and allow the healing sounds work on you. The voices from Angelika and Markus are accompanied by the harp, guitar, bass, silver flute, and percussion. The booklet contains the Mantra Lyrics with English translation.


Artnr: SPV155
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