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The Mantra Songbook

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A unique compilation of mantra chants with chords suitable for all kinds of musicians.


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Raghubir Singh & Khalsa Jetha

90 Mantra-chants for touching our hearts and minds. After playing many of the chants in this book for years in yogaclasses, or at the Yoga Festival in France, we found out that none of these chants had ever been transcribed into musical notation (although some attempts were made but not to the high standard that is now available to us).

This was the task that then the authors set for themselves. After making the aquaintance of Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa a choice was made of 40 chants to be incorporated into one volume to be called 40 Essential Chants. After reviewing the results it appeared that 40 chants was not enough and it became neccessary to increase its number to around 90.

This Mantra Song Book is a window into the wonderful music of 3HO and the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. It is suitable for all kinds of musicians and especially guitarists and doesn't involve complicated studies or patterns. All chords are shown in the back of the book. Language of explaining texts in the book is English.

93 pages, spiral bound


Artnr: SNV005
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