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Listen - CD av Sat Kartar

"You were sent here to listen deeply.....Listen with all of your being." Guru Amar Das
Listen - CD av Sat Kartar
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Listen - CD av Sat Kartar

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Listen - CD av Sat Kartar

1. Sat Gur Prasad 11:17 min
2. Jaap Mna Sat Nam 7:53 min
3. Gobinday Mukunday 11:26 min
4. Laya Yoga 11:00 min
5. Sa Re Sa Sa 11:06 min
6. Aad Such 10:30 min

"Listen" is an album of Eastern chants and hymns rendered in Western modern classic music forms with spacious intrumentation, warm percussion textures and a jazzy bass line. Sat Kartar's enigmatic voice journeys from deep and sultry to lively and expansive on this collection of songs from the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh traditions.


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