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Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga (Gururattana)

Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga (Gururattana)
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Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga (Gururattana)

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Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga (Gururattana)

In his many years of teaching Kundalini Yoga and a spiritual lifestyle, Yogi Bhajan offered the possibility of higher states of consciousness and inner empowerment. He gave the keys that could open our hearts. In this manual, Guru Rattana Kaur, Ph.D. shares with you what the process of 'self-initiation' has taught her and how she has been guided from within by the Masters of the Golden Chain. Through this, you can learn how practicing Yoga with inner awareness opens up the doors to the new frontier of the heart.

The Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga offers a new spiritual paradigm that both men and women can step into as we move into the Aquarian Age. Instead of floundering around in the nebulous category of being simply a person, men can experience the power and wisdom of being a man. Women can experience the power and grace of being a woman. Through this deepened realization, the conflicts between the sexes can disappear when we don't need each other to fill the gaps in our own psyche. Instead of competing with each other, we can support and honor each other. We can come to a state where we realize the reality: that we travel our human journey together.

The Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga is a treasure chest of insights, instructions, and wisdom that can guide you on your inner journey to your heart. This manual is destined to become another classic, after Transitions to a Heart Centered World, Relax and Renew and Sexuality and Spirituality. Although Guru Rattana focuses on the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, her wise counsel supports all spiritual practitioners in finding an authentic relationship with their Soul and the Divine. One of the unique contributions of this manual is to offer a simple formula using astrology to identify the energetic blueprint of your soul. With a clear and concise explanation of the basic universal energies and archetypes that we all embody, she explains how you can discover and develop your unique gifts and make your special contribution to the world.

274 pages


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