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Infinity and Me

This Manual has been prepared as a supplement and extension to Sadhana Guidelines.


Yoga Sets:
A Basic Set
A Very Subtle Exercise
Adjusting the Navel
Balancing the Depository System
Building Strength and Vigor
Become Strong as Steel
Connect Physical and Heavenly Reality
Create Muscular Balance
Correct Nerve Shallowness
Creating Magnetic Fields
Experiencing the Pranic and Physical Bodies
Eliminate Gastric and Heart Problems
Folding and Unfolding of the Energy
Kriya for Achieving Comfortable Happy Sleep
Move the Glandular System
Refreshing the Nervous System
Work on the Meridians
Ribcage, Lungs and Lymphatic System
Working the Command Post Area

Mantra to Open up Blockages in Your Life
Mudra to Open Up Blockages in Communication
Knowing What To Do
Sahaj Yoga
Mantra to Make the Blind See
Balancing the Projection With the Intention
Sa-Ta-Na-Ma 2nd Phase
Panj Graani Kriya
Prosperity, Fulfillment, Success
Pranic Meditation for the Heart Center
Working on the Third Chakra
Working on the Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Chakras
The Magic Mantra
Meditaion With the Magic Mantra
Using the Magic Mantra as a Gudtkaa
Gudtkaa Kriya
Maha Gyan Agni Kriya


71 pages
Infinity and Me
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Infinity and Me

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Infinity and Me


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