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Ajeet Kaur's album Haseya is a gentle journey with wonderful sound to heal the earth and inspire your soul. The word "Haseya" means to rise up, or she rises, in Diné, the language of the Navajo people. Ajeet‘s music inspires us to rise up and expand beyond our imaginary limits.
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Haseya features the simple message to come together across cultures and divisions and heal the pain that separates us from one another and the Earth. Haseya merges deeply with the rhythms of nature, invoking the wisdom of our ancestors and the awakening of a sacred healing space.
A special jewel on this mantra and spiritual song album is the track Akaal – this is the mantra of Deathlessness and Infinity, which is not used in recordings often. Ajeet Kaur touches the essence of this mantra just perfectly, her voice being the wings on which one can fly into Universal Eternity...

"Through sound and ancient song, we can come home in ourselves, come back to our connection to every being and to the natural world. With this album, we will bring our voices together to sing out for healing; for every person, for our communities and for our Earth."
- Ajeet Kaur.

Akaal (08:52)
Chattr Chakkr (09:02)
Haseya (06:53)
Kiss the Earth (07:15)
Ra Ma Da Sa Healing (11:13)
Re Man Lullaby (09:08)



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