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Game of Chants, A - CD av Guru Singh

195 kr
The foundation of sound is rhythm or taal. The entire Universe moves in a rhythmic cycle; the galaxies, the suns, the moons, the planets, right down to the cells of life. The rhythms of the heart have inspired music throughout the ages and great music can heal the heart. This album is composes in a variety of very distinct heart rhythms.


Guru Singh joined by Seal & Friends

1. Fortunate 6:43
2. I Am 8:06
3. Wahe Guru 8:01
4. Aap Sahaaee 7:11
5. Humee Hum Brahm Hum 7:19
6. Waah Yantee 7:18
7. Guru Ram das 7:35
8. Rise Up 4:21


Artnr: SPV121
Lagerstatus: I lager


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