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Enchanted - CD av Gurudass Kaur & Singh

This album is a combination of beautiful and powerful voices by Gurudass and the One Voice Choir and intricate and capturing rhythms. Some of the pieces are highly energetic and evocative, while others are gentle and emotive, while taking one to the heights of deep meditation.

The mantras in the album come from the Sikh and Sufi traditions, and invoke the message of Oneness and Love. Guru Dass Singh & Kaur are celebrating a mantric festivity, which immediately has the power to involve you and take part in it.
Enchanted - CD av Gurudass Kaur & Singh
Artnr: SPV126
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Enchanted - CD av Gurudass Kaur & Singh

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Enchanted - CD av Gurudass Kaur & Singh

1. Ek Ong Kar 7:34
2. Gobinde Mukande 12:00
3. Ad Gurei Nameh 12:01
4. Wahe Guru 11:40
5. Guru Guru Wahe Guru 11:59
6. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru 7:49
7. Aval Allah 8:08


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