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Eliminating Inner Anger - DVD av Yogi Bhajan

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Inspiring Quotes - "If inverted anger becomes part of the body, you have no relationship with your self."


Inferiority complex, superiority complex, destroying relationships, destroying a business, skin diseases.all are a cover-up for inner anger. We have the body of a Human, but the behavior of a Beast. List of Points about the Sets that are relevant: 1. Set is of intermediate level 2. SSS plays the gong at the end during lay-out 3. At the end of Kriyas, before lay-out SSS has students do Celestial Communication, with Hari Kirn and Siri Hari leading the movements. This lasts for about 7 minutes. 4. Variety of postures. Benefits of Yoga Class: Balancing the Anger Oxygenating the Brain Conscious relaxation


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