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Divine Alignment (manual)

This book gives us the basics skills needed to grow any posture and the strength to carry ourselves in a state of grace and majesty. It offers techniques to build strength and flexibility including how to correctly apply Bandhs, learning correct Breathing, Bending, Rooting, understanding the Gatekeepers and Navel Intelligence. Everything you need to have a fun and safe yogic practice that can last for many long years.

Grow your posture and align yourself with, and live in the will of the Divine!
Yoga is designed to promote energy flow in all of the energy channels of the body, but it is most concerned with the energy channels that flow along the pathway of the spine. When the spine is not correctly aligned, there are obstructions in the energy channels and the energy cannot flow as it should.

Table of Contents: Bandhas, Roots, Breath, Warmups, The Gatekeepers, Growing your postures, Navel Intelligence, Sat Kriya, Focus, Mantras, Endnotes.

134 pages
Divine Alignment - bok av Guru Prem Singh
Artnr: SPV011
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Divine Alignment (manual)

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Divine Alignment (manual)


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