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Conscious pregnancy - yoga manual

The journey of pregnancy and motherhood will inevitably challenge and transform you. Empower yourself with the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This yoga manual offers you well-defined and illustrated yogic tools.

Practice of Kundalini yoga during prenancy prepares you for motherhood, aligning your physical and subtle energies, and empowering your body and mind to function with ease and harmony. The fifteen yoga sets for pregnancy have been selected to keep you flexible as the strengthen your body and fortify your endurance.

Meditation calms the chaotic patterns and fears, allowing you to listen to your inner self and communicate with your child growing in your body. You will find meditations for beginners, such as the Self-Blessing Meditation, as well as more transformational meditations such as Dissolve Your Fears or Conquer Pain.

99 pages
Conscious pregnancy - yoga manual
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Conscious pregnancy - yoga manual

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Conscious pregnancy - yoga manual


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