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Awakening Kundalini

Awakening Kundalini
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Awakening Kundalini

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Awakening Kundalini

Awakening Kundalini - Lawrence Edwards

The universal force known as Kundalini has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, yet it influences our every breath, thought, and emotion. With his book Awakening Kundalini, Lawrence Edwards, one of the West's most respected teachers and researchers in the field, explores this spiritual principle in unprecedented depth, with detailed guidance for discovering and working with it directly.

In India's spiritual teachings, Kundalini is known as the principle within that compels us to evolve and grow. Traditions across the globe have described it as a force that lies dormant within us and, when awakened, connects us to the energy of creation and profoundly elevates consciousness.

With his unique expertise in modern psychology, neuroscience, meditation training, and spiritual traditions, Lawrence Edwards clarifies the many dimensions of Kundalini awakening, including practices and meditations for recognizing its manifestations and preparing your body and mind to enter its expansive, empowering flow.

When worked with skillfully, Kundalini is the most profoundly transformative power in our lives. Awakening Kundalini makes available a complete and practical resource for tapping into this force, and realizing your ability to live "radically free."

Paperback, 259 pages


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